NXT Superstar Takes Big Shot At Harper

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Harper recently unloaded on social media about how important his match against Dominik Dijakovic is at WrestleMania Axxess. The former Wyatt Family member hasn’t been seen on television since the Bludgeon Brothers’ breakup and now he is wrestling before WrestleMania in a spot most people would assume he is well past.

His Axxess opponent Dijakovic recently tore into Harper on Twitter. He doesn’t care about an origin story, how old Harper is, or what he had to go through. He doesn’t even care about Harper’s family. All that matters to him is making a name for himself in WWE to protect his own legacy.


I read your notes which are riddled with disrespect. My name is Dominik Dijakovic. I do not care how old you are. I do not care where your career has taken you. I do not care about your injuries or your rehabilitation. I do not care about your feelings. I do not care about your wife or children. I do not care about your goals, dreams, and aspirations. I care about defeating you, and I will defeat you tonight. I am not a stepping stone. I am not a test. I am not a prospect. I am the greatest opponent you will ever face. I fight for my name, my family, and my bloodline and I am willing to die for them. I do not care how important this match is to you or what platform it is on because EVERY match I am in has the weight of my people on my shoulders. I do not need your luck, you can keep it.

These are certainly fighting words that could make their WrestleMania Axxess match even more interesting. We will have to wait and see if this test for Harper might lead him to better things in WWE. Because Dominik Dijakovic doesn’t seem to be likely to go easy on him in the meantime.


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