Alicia Fox Says She Knows How To Be A Better Foxy

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Alicia Fox really made some headlines in the wrong way last month when it was revealed that she showed up intoxicated to a WWE live event. This stunt actually ended up getting Arn Anderson fired from his long-time job as a producer for the company.

Foxy said that she will be at WrestleMania and it looks like she might be gearing up for the show of shows. She recently released a social media message saying that she knows how to be a “better me before anyone else.” She has certainly been around WWE for long enough to know this.

‘‘Tis the season… I’m gonna poke fun at myself. #mania. I can’t remember how old this picture is ⚰️🕳🎈#tbt BUT I’m proud to say I know how to be a better me before anyone else. #lessons #keepyourtwocents 💰 buy a #soda 🤪#2006rookie 🤷🏽‍♀️💕#fancy #beforeandnow #selfie 🦊 #nowandthen u learn

Alicia Fox’s situation is a really interesting one. She wasn’t fired last year after getting in Travis Browne’s face during WrestleMania weekend, but she was on thin ice. Now after turning down WWE’s offer for rehab and going AWOL it looks like she is ready to turn a new leaf.

We’re still wondering if she ended up getting on the Price Is Right.

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