X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – NXT Takeover Predictions, Changes Coming to HOF Speeches, Ciampa Health Update, More!

X-Pac thinks the Matt Riddle/Velveteen Dream match is a standout match on this card. He’s really looking forward to this match and he thinks Riddle will win. He doesn’t think Dream will be called up to the main roster soon though, instead, he thinks Dream will begin battling for the NXT Title.

X-Pac says he overheard some interesting things while working as a guest coach at the Performance Centre recently, and notes that from what he heard we should expect some cool entrances at Takeover on Friday night.

X-Pac says he had a nice, long talk with Ciampa recently. Ciampa is in good spirits and will be okay in X-Pac’s opinion. X-Pac had a similar neck surgery in 1997 and was able to come back and have a lot of success after that. He suspects Ciampa will do the same. He thinks this was a terrible situation, but WWE has been able to make the best of it with their recent booking of Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. He notes that he can’t even predict a winner in the NXT Title match.