WWE Hall Of Fame Legacy Wing Inductees Revealed

The WWE Hall Of Fame started inducting several people each year into the legacy wing of the HOF. These are usually people who totally deserve to be in the WWE HOF, but they aren’t known well enough by the current fan base to warrant their own spot.

Wrestle Votes has reports that there are several names that are going to be included in this year’s ceremony. Some of these names are very notable. However, there could always be some more added to this list.

A few of the names included in this years 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Legacy Award class are: Wahoo McDaniel, Jim Barnett, Luna Vachon & Playboy Buddy Rose among others.

The fact that Luna Vachon is in the Legacy Wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame might upset some fans. After all, most remember her well. The same could be said for everyone else on the list. However, it looks like that is where WWE is going to be placing them.