Unexpected Match Takes Place After SmackDown Live

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SmackDown Live went off the air in Baltimore with the live crowd ready for WrestleMania. After 205 Live took place they had a special treat, but Daniel Bryan wasn’t having it.

Bryan came out and refused to wrestle a match against Kevin Owens. This brought a massive amount of heel heat for the WWE Champion who had just signed a match to face Kofi Kingston at the show of shows.

Rowan wrestled in Daniel Bryan’s place and took on KO. This match was short, but it was enough to make the live crowd feel like they got something special for staying through the entire night. Then Kevin Owens won via DQ.

This match ended with Daniel Bryan attacking Kevin Owens just as KO was heating up against Rowan. So the referee called for the bell. You never know if this was something just for the live crowd, but it could be hinting at a future feud if Bryan is able to retain at WrestleMania.

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