Talk is Jericho Recap – WrestleMania Predictions, Women Main Eventing, Predictions for Cena & Undertaker, More!

Jericho thinks Finn Balor will defeat Bobby Lashley, especially since he’s bringing back The Demon. However, from a storyline perspective Jericho wonders why Balor would bring out the Demon here, when he refused to do so against Brock Lesnar a few months back in the biggest match of his career.

Jericho says he loves Batista, and thinks he plays this character very well. This is a simple angle between Batista and Triple H, and Jericho is really looking forward to them beating the crap out of each other. He thinks this will be a one-off match for Batista and Triple H will win here.

He notes that for the longest time WWE was giving Batista the run-around about a return at WrestleMania, but they called him back only 10 minutes after Jericho posted a picture of him and Batista online a few months ago. He thought that timing was pretty funny.

Jericho thinks the Randy Orton/A.J. Styles match is a bit of a waste of talent. He says this feels like WWE had two big names who weren’t doing anything else, so they put them together for ‘Mania. He thinks Orton will get a controversial win here so these two can continue their feud for another couple months, and have a longer match on an upcoming PPV.