Talk is Jericho Recap – WrestleMania Predictions, Women Main Eventing, Predictions for Cena & Undertaker, More!

He doesn’t mean that as a knock on Corbin, but Angle is a legend in the business and deserves better here. We’ve seen in the past with matches like Flair vs. Shawn Michaels, that retiring legends can have memorable matches with another performer of equal status. He doesn’t see WWE swerving us at the last minute here, and he predicts Angle will win in a quick match that will be followed by an in-ring celebration.

Jericho thinks Shane McMahon will crash and burn at some point during his Falls Count Anywhere match against The Miz. For this reason, he thinks Miz will win here.

Jericho thinks “The Boss & Hug Connection” is the worst tag team name ever. However, he thinks they’ll retain their Titles at WrestleMania because a lot of other Titles will be changing hands.

Jericho is looking forward to the Rey Mysterio/Samoa Joe match, but he’d like it to go 15-20 minutes and he doesn’t see that happening. There are a lot of matches on this show and he wonders how much time some of the undercard matches will get. He’s just waiting for WWE to really pull the trigger with Samoa Joe, and he thinks Joe will win here.