Hurricane Helms Jokes About Facing John Cena At WrestleMania

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Fans and media members alike continue to question whether or not John Cena will show up at WrestleMania 35 this weekend – and if it’s up to Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms, he’ll be seeing him inside the squared circle.

A lot of people within the WWE Universe aren’t big fans of leaving matches until the night of WrestleMania before they’re booked, which is one of the reasons why there have been a few question marks over the status of Cena and The Undertaker in recent months.

The aforementioned Helms has a history with Cena, and whilst there are many more high profile matches for him out there, it’d be quite amusing to see a follow up to their Royal Rumble showdown from last year.

One of the rumours surrounding the 16-time world champion’s Mania future is that he’ll end up replacing Baron Corbin on the night to take on Kurt Angle in his final match, but you just never know what WWE is going to do these days.

Hurricane has mentioned in the past that he has found it hard hanging up his boots, but in terms of a serious match suggestion at WrestleMania, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal seems like a more likely inclusion.

We know this is more of a jokey suggestion but if it were to be serious, adding a match like this to a card of this magnitude would almost certainly ensure that this bout wouldn’t go on longer than a minute or so.

WrestleMania, eh?

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