Disabled Man Accuses Enzo Amore Of Paying Him Off Just To Make Fun Of Him

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Enzo Amore is getting as much publicity as he can. As NZO, he is a rapper and trying to gain attention for his musical efforts. However, a recent event might not have done him any favors.

A disabled street performer named Jesus Guadalupe is accusing NZO for paying him off so he could mock him. He put a picture of himself on social media followed by some accusations which we will include below as well.

“FYI @real1 this is the way you should of let me rock but no u wanted the mask”

“He is fake he only hired me to be a clown not to feature my talent”

“Doesn’t change the fact that @real1 was clowing me the whole day I’m a person just cause I’m disable I’m smart not dumb it was publicity stunt I only got one shirt not shout out and the girl with big ass was joking on me too I’m nobody punchline”

Apparently, Enzo Amore forked over dough to this guy so he could make him a butt of his jokes. This is not a good look for NZO at all, but a producer is refuting this situation.

Apparently, Jesus read things the wrong way, but you really can’t help how someone feels about any such situation.

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