WWE’s Plans For Aftermath Of WrestleMania Main Event

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WrestleMania will be capped off with a very important match for the SmackDown and RAW Women’s Titles. The winner will take home both titles and it looks like it will be Becky Lynch’s time in the spotlight.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that one person coming out of WrestleMania will be seeking revenge for losing their title. With a Winner Take All stipulation, either champion can lose their title without being pinned.

The current plan is for them to go after the winner of the Mania main event. Since Ronda Rousey is supposedly leaving WWE following WrestleMania it looks like that former champion will be Charlotte Flair.

This could lead to Flair chasing the titles to get revenge on Becky Lynch. Things could always change, but this seems to be the current plan.

Dave Meltzer previously mentioned how all 4 Horsewomen standing tall at WrestleMania 35’s conclusion is impossible with WWE’s current booking strategy, therefore, this turn of events would certainly fit that narrative as well.

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