Chris Jericho has a certain set of expectations when he orders something to be delivered to him. He would like to receive his item in working order and not broken. This is a reasonable expectation for anyone. However, that doesn’t appear to be what happened for Jericho and now it looks like the company is putting the blame on him.

Y2J is not someone that you want to upset. Because he turned right around and informed his 3.48 million followers on Twitter about this frustration situation.

Warning… @ODFL_Inc delivered a BROKEN big screen tv to my house and then claimed it was my fault I didn’t instantly notice it was cracked. When I saw it a few days later, I was told “it’s too late.” Well it’s not too late to let everybody know to use another delivery company.

Now it looks like Y2J is going to have to watch his favorite television shows through a crack in the screen. He’s likely going to have it taken care of, but not before putting this irresponsible delivery company on notice.

Harry Kettle

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