WWE Confirms Final Hall Of Fame Induction For 2019

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The WWE Hall Of Fame took long enough to get going this year, but now we have all of the inductions squared away. WWE made the official announcement that Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will be the final entrant in this year’s class.

This news was already broken several weeks ago so fans saw it coming. However, you never know if WWE can change their minds. After all, Jimmy Hart was supposed to go in with the Hart Foundation, but they decided not to include him.

It was previously reported that WWE was getting rather irritated this year about the WWE Hall Of Fame names leaking out early. After all, they like to make sure that mainstream news outlets can announce them to make the inductions seem more important.

Now it is only a matter of deciding who will induct Brutus in the WWE HOF. There are some pretty good options including his old friend Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart himself.

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