Watch Big E Re-Enact Famous Scott Steiner Math Promo For $100

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Scott Steiner cut a famous promo back when he was with Impact Wrestling. He tried to get really complicated about breaking down a three-way match. Needless to say, it’s now wrestling history.

Steiner was gearing up for a triple threat match against Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle at 2008’s Sacrifice event. It looks like this is a very popular promo in the WWE locker room as well as the IWC.

Quasimdo on Reddit recently dropped $100 on Big E’s Cameo account so he would re-enact the famous Scott Steiner promo. He didn’t get all of the same numbers as Steiner, but it was money well spent.

Big E is one of several WWE Superstars who have accounts on Cameo where fans can drop cash on them to give out greetings or whatever they like (within reason). It’s great to know that Big E was willing to do this one which makes us wonder what other famous promos he’s capable of recreating.

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