Kofi Kingston’s Possible WWE Title Win Could Have A Lot To Do With Saudi Arabia

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Kofi Kingston is set for the biggest singles match of his career at WrestleMania 35. He will face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title, and even though he is projected to win, he might not hold the title for very long.

Lance Storm commented about the upcoming WrestleMania card on Figure Four Daily. He doesn’t plan on watching the entire event for a few reasons, mainly because it is going to be so long.

Storm does plan on watching a few matches including Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title. He also shared a very interesting reason why WWE might give Kofi the title at the show of shows.

“I imagine that if Kofi and Daniel Bryan turns out to be as good as I suspect it will I’ll want to watch that. I think if the Saudi Arabia show is happening in May I think there is a strong chance that Kofi will win so Daniel Bryan doesn’t have to do and they can take the WWE Championship with them.”

WrestleMania is going to be a very long event. One of the matches that fans are really looking forward to is Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title opportunity. If he does win though, it might be for a couple reasons.

Daniel Bryan did not want to do the Saudi Arabia show last time which is why he was written off of Crown Jewel. Therefore, since Kofi Kingston would have no issue making that trip then that might be WWE’s way to get their title to KSA without forcing Bryan do something he morally objects to.

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