‘Classic Rivalry’ Will Rekindle On SmackDown Live Next Week

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WWE has a lot of Superstars on the roster right now with some major histories with each other. Rey Mysterio and Andrade might have just started going head-to-head in WWE in recent months, but there are plenty more stories to tell between the two of them.

Mysterio and Andrade were slated for a hair vs mask match at WrestleMania. These plans were obviously changed and now Rey is battling Samoa Joe for the US Title. Dominick, Mysterio’s son is all grown up and he will likely be involved as well. He is currently training to be a pro wrestler at Lance Storm’s wrestling school.

Now it looks like Rey Mysterio and Andrade will get one more chance to face each other before the show of shows. Andrade doesn’t have a singles match at WrestleMania, but Mysterio certainly does. This is why Samoa Joe might not be too far behind.

Mysterio and Andrade could end up battling on many more occasions. They will at least get one more chance to wrestle next week unless Vince McMahon changes his mind again.

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