AEW To Purposefully Avoid Using WWE Terms

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AEW is gearing up to become a full-fledged pro wrestling company, but they want to be distinguished for their differences from the competition. Although WWE isn’t really competition for them as they simply want to be an alternative. If the past has proven anything the alternative can sometimes become the popular choice.

Sean Ross Sapp noted on Fightful Select that AEW is going to use terms that helps separate themselves from WWE. Therefore, the words wrestling, belts, and manager are probably going to be allowed.

Look for AEW to use terminology that differentiates them from what WWE uses. From wrestlers to coaches, and more.

Hopefully, AEW won’t be sending out press kits to perspective interviewers later on with explicit instructions on how to acknowledge their brand like WWE did during WrestleMania 36 press activities.

It is still a good sign that All Elite Wrestling realizes the terms WWE uses because some of them have developed a stigma in the IWC.

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