WrestleMania Has Reportedly Been A ‘Logistical Nightmare’ For WWE

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WWE has thrown 34 WrestleMania events before, but this year is different. Not only did the card experience a ton of changes due to circumstances outside of their control, but apparently, even planning the basics for this event have been a problem.

Wrestle Votes reports that WWE has been through a ‘logistical nightmare’ when it comes to booking the show of shows this year. Those issues extend far beyond the event itself as even booking travel and hotels have been headaches.

Heard from multiple people inside WWE that this WrestleMania, the preparation & execution has been a logistical nightmare. Travel, hotel & scheduling wise this years event has caused the most headache. I’d be surprise to see WM return to NY/NJ within 6 years like it did this time

It looks like all of these problems might cause WWE to rethink holding their biggest event of the year in the same area again any time soon. Hopefully, WWE will be able to pull their resources to make things happen the way they need to, but this Mania preparation period has been a big struggle all around.

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