WWE Made Impact Star An Offer He Had To Refuse

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WWE has a lot of people in the Performance Center right now and it seems like they might have enough. At least they might not be too eager to bring in certain people.

Eli Drake has said that his Impact Wrestling contract is running up on May 31st. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that he was in this situation a few months ago and had WWE interest, however, the deal he was offered obviously wasn’t enough to convince him to take a chance on jumping companies.

We had heard a few months ago that Drake had some interest in WWE, but at the end of the day, at that time he signed back up [with Impact] which indicated if they made an offer, it couldn’t have been that good. 

Eli Drake is incredible on the microphone and good in the ring as well. This matches EC3 pretty well who is also very good at both of those things. However, with EC3 performing exclusively on Main Event at this point it might be a telling sign of how WWE would use a talented guy like Eli Drake too. So you really don’t know what he’ll decide to do next.

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