The Jim Ross Report Recap – Women’s Main Event Not A One-Off, Talking With AEW, Why Kane Should Have Kept His Mask On, More!

Schiavone notes that he speaks with Cody Rhodes quite frequently and thinks that he has great business sense. He confirms that he won’t be signing with AEW because he has too much other stuff going on in his life right now and he doesn’t want to complicate things further by working for AEW. He thinks that company is going about things the right way, and he thinks they’re going to do great things.

Speaking about the all-woman main event at WrestleMania, Schiavone says the timing is right for it. These three women are big stars, arguably the biggest stars in the company right now, and they deserve it. He thinks this was the right decision.

A listener writes into the show and asks Ross if he and Jerry Lawler ever had to deal with hecklers behind them at shows. Ross notes that he and Lawler were always pretty popular so they didn’t have to deal with much of that, other than the odd “Puppies!” chant for Lawler.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Ross if he agreed with the creative decision to have Kane remove his mask years ago. Ross says he didn’t agree with that decision because he thought there was lots left for them to do with the character creatively. He informs that he actually owns the last original mask ever made or worn by Kane in WWE.