The Jim Ross Report Recap – Women’s Main Event Not A One-Off, Talking With AEW, Why Kane Should Have Kept His Mask On, More!

Ross doesn’t think WWE is even considering bringing Conor McGregor in for WrestleMania – at least they shouldn’t be. He notes that McGregor is dealing with some legal issues in Ireland, and Becky Lynch doesn’t need him in her corner anyway.

Ross thinks Rob Gronkowski is a perfect candidate for a one-off match in WWE. He doesn’t see Gronk passing up on other opportunities to pursue a full-time training and work schedule in WWE.

Ross points out that Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion will be involved in an upcoming video game. Ross notes that there is big money in video games if they sell, adding that he made “6 figures” on multiple occasions for his voice-over work on WWE 2K video games.

Ross welcomes Tony Schiavone to the show.

Schiavone informs that he recently did a live show with Conrad Thompson and Eric Bischoff and it was a lot of fun. They will be doing another show the Monday after WrestleMania in New York, starting at 4PM in the afternoon.