The Jim Ross Report Recap – Women’s Main Event Not A One-Off, Talking With AEW, Why Kane Should Have Kept His Mask On, More!

Ross says he had no problem with Randy Orton interrupting the Angle/Styles match on Smackdown Live. He doesn’t think enough people are talking about the Orton/Styles match at ‘Mania, as he thinks that match can steal the show. Ross loved the handshake at the beginning of the match between Angle and Styles, adding that it was very memorable.

Ross thought the highlight of the tag team Gauntlet match on Smackdown was The Usos forfeiting to The New Day. He liked this a lot, noting that it made a lot of sense.

Ross doesn’t think the Women’s main event at ‘Mania is a one-off. He notes that this should motivate the other women to work harder because they know now that if they get hot with the WWE Universe, they’ll be in that spot in years to come.

Ross didn’t like the racial undertones to Big E’s recent social media video. He notes that this type of thing wouldn’t happen without WWE’s approval, but he didn’t see the need for it. He doesn’t think race, religion, etc. have any place in a wrestling show because it brings up too much negativity.