Lana Possibly Encouraged To Censor Revealing Instagram Photos

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Lana is a WWE Superstar which is a very public position to be in. She is using that job to gain a ton of attention on herself whenever she can even if she has to cause a traffic jam.

The Ravishing Russian recently put up a pair of photos on Instagram of herself walking down the sidewalk in a pretty sheer sweater. Fans immediately called attention to the fact that you could see right through it.

House later, Lana took that post down and then she eventually replaced it with one that is blurred so you can’t see what she has under her shirt. It is unclear whether this was at the direction of WWE, but it is very possible that she received a phone call about it.

You can check out the censored version of her photos below that she eventually posted. We were able to snag the uncensored pics and you can see them on our Instagram page.

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