Mustafa Ali is no longer a WWE Superstar with two names. Now he is just Ali and that can be confusing, especially for travel. One popular IWC Twitter account tried to make a joke about this and they received some huge backlash.

The WWECreative_ish account made a joke about how boarding a flight with one name will make it hard for security. They received some big backlash for this because some people were calling them out for cracking a joke about Ali’s cultural identity.

The original joke said: “We made @AliWWE change all of his government ID’s to remove his first name. Good luck getting on a plane, kid. #TravelWoes.”

Ali actually replied to this initial tweet with a joke of his own saying: “I had enough trouble getting on the plane before that, kid.”

The account sent out a lengthy apology for anyone who read their joke the wrong way. It’s all good and Ali did not see any harm by the tweet. He replied back saying:

“I never saw any ill intent with the initial joke. I appreciate the apology and you clearing up any confusion that some people might have had with the initial joke. Plus, it ain’t all bad. I get free weekly massages from TSA.”

Thankfully, Ali hasn’t found himself on a “no-fly list” like others have simply because of their names. In case you weren’t aware, Ali’s real name is Adeel Alam which is also very apparent as to which culture he comes from.

It was all a joke and Ali was totally cool with it.

Felix Upton

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