Nikki Bella Reveals What They Didn’t Show On Total Bellas

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The Bella Twins now have a podcast and Nikki Bella explained the events around her comeback to the ring and decision to retire. Strangely enough reports came out days later that said she would be open to an in-ring return, but she had her reasons for hanging up her boots.

Nikki Bella opened up about her breaking body and all that it took to finally make the decision to retire on the final episode of this last season of Total Bellas. She will miss being around the locker room, but it was a decision she had to make.

“Something we really couldn’t air on Total Bellas is that people didn’t realize how hard my comeback was for me to go back to a place that I called home and met the love of my life.” 

“Something else to bring up is, when they showed you that I made the decision because I couldn’t hang with the girls in the ring anymore, what they also don’t air — because they never want me to talk about my neck — is … it’s because of my neck.” 

“You saw what happened to Paige. Paige and I have the same hardware. So if I was to get kicked in the back of the head, I would get paralyzed too or even worse.”

Only time will tell if Nikki Bella will be able to make a return to the ring. Perhaps some time off will encourage her to make a return. You also never know if WWE could work something up for her to do that doesn’t mean she has to bump around too much in the ring.

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