The Young Bucks showed up in AAA and took the tag team titles from Pentagon Jr and Fenix. This made a lot of AEW fans happy because later on it was announced that the Double Or Nothing match is now for those titles. However, the live crowd wasn’t too thrilled because they didn’t know who The Young Bucks were.

In the latest Being The Elite, the episode started out with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega doing a little bit. The Bucks said that they didn’t run out for a save during that show because they were waiting for their big pop at the end. However, in reality, Nick and Matt Jackson did not receive that big of a reaction at the AAA show because few Mexican fans knew who they were.

Nick and Matt Jackson aren’t as over in Mexico as they are in the states. Fans were confused and a lot of them knew something was happening, but they didn’t know what. This was brought to the attention of The Young Bucks by Omega who told them he heard the real reaction.

“The crowd went mild,” Kenny Omega said. This is very spot on and a great idea for them to call the moment as they did.


As the Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros continue their feud in AAA their reactions will certainly change. It might take some time and a few more shows across the border in order to convince Mexican fans that The Young Bucks are over.

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