Ryback Takes Huge Shot At His WWE Run

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Ryback is no longer in WWE, but he is still not happy about how things ended. He recently sent out a little video that he says is an illustration of his time in WWE and it wasn’t too flattering at all.

While posting a video of a woman trying to run on the treadmill in an extremely cumbersome BDSM outfit Ryback equated it to his career with Vince McMahon’s company. The video he included was pretty interesting to say the least and it makes us wonder how he found it.

“My WWE run,” is all he said before plugging his podcast and line of supplements. It looks like he still has some of the things that bothers him about WWE.

You can never say never in WWE because Ryback was very popular during his day. The Feed Me More gimmick got crowds chanting loudly, but the Big Guy probably won’t help his chances of a return by posting things like this.


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