WWE is a tough company to get noticed in sometimes, even if you’re on the boss’ radar. Vince McMahon reportedly had his eye on Dana Brooke to be a big star, but then that seemed to fizzle.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Dana Brooke revealed that she almost quit WWE. This was due to the fact that her big push and title match against Charlotte Flair was called off. However, she ended up sticking around to fight for her position.

“When I was told that ‘your match isn’t happening,’ at that point in time I was just like ‘No. This place does not define me. I am stronger than this. I wanna go to prove to the world that you can’t keep me down.’ I said ‘You know something, if I quit now, what kind of example am I gonna be for everyone that’s followed me. Who’s supported me. Who’s been my backbone through the hardest time’ […] I cannot give up now.”

Dana Brooke really turned some heads with her recent brief feud with Ronda Rousey.


Brooke showed some impressive passion for the business and seemed to fit into a role as babyface well. It did not end well for her in the end and she reportedly sustained some injuries after Rousey destroyed her post-match. Only time will tell if receiving that kind of rub from Ronda Rousey could help excel her to a higher level in time.

Harry Kettle

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