Maria Kanellis Blasts WWE Video For Snubbing Her

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Maria Kanellis does not like getting overlooked and it sounds like she has had enough of it. WWE recently uploaded a video to celebrate Women’s History Month and she was not included, so she let loose.

Kanellis has quite a resume which you might not realize by how she is used on 205 Live now. She had to remind WWE that she is on the main roster while listing her accomplishments. Needless to say, she doesn’t sound too pleased with WWE’s video editing department right now.

Great video!! I think you forgot me? I’m on @WWE205Live which is part of the main roster. Oh & I’ve been in the company a total of 7 and a half years but that’s cool. 15 and a half years total in this business. Maybe watch a few other places highlight reels. They don’t forget me.

At least she seemed to like the video. However, it would have been much better for her viewing experience if she got some credit for all the years of hard work she put into the business.

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