Lana and Rusev might be growing frustrated with WWE. Then again, the couple also might just be having some fun on social media because it seems as if they have a certain amount of job security. Lana has become very good at venting her frustrations so we really have no idea how to take this one.

The Ravishing Russian recently sent out a couple of tweets that had interesting messages attached. The first one included a message of how much her and Rusev have been through and how they crushed life and not coasted through it.

Then the second tweet was a bit more straight-forward as it talked about the American dream being propaganda that people tell themselves and that the only real promise is that death will happen someday.

My Love & my best friend, we came from nothing, met with 500 bucks in our bank accounts, all the odds against us, we get a 100 no’s for one yes, yet every day we create the life we imagined! We are the definition of what it means to CRUSH life & not COAST through life.

The quicker we learn that life is so unfair the easier it becomes. No one promised us that our dreams would come true. That is American propaganda we tell ourselves to make us feel better about our failures. The only that is promised that at some point in our life we we will die.

This is a pretty interesting message to read because it could mean several different things. Either way, it seems like Lana and Rusev are going to keep fighting for their positions in WWE. We just have to wonder if there could be some kind of hidden context to these messages.

Felix Upton

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