The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Torrie Wilson & Eric Bischoff – Corbin vs. Angle, Changes to Hall of Fame Inductions, Wrestling Moving to Streaming Services, More!

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She informs that when she started to received television time during the attitude era there were some sly remarks made to her by some male performers, out of jealousy and frustration probably, because they were busting their ass and she was just shaking hers. She never really took those comments to heart.

Wilson says she’s been told that there will be changes happening at this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Apparently they’re hoping to cut the length of the program, but if they are still bringing in people to induct the Hall of Famers, Wilson informs that a female will be inducting her. She also informs that she’ll be writing her own speech.

A listener writes into the show and asks Ross for his thoughts on WWE “hot potato booking” their Titles. Ross says that flip-flopping Titles like that is a knee-jerk reaction and it’s lazy creative. It does nothing for the Titles and does very little for the performers fighting for and holding the Titles. Therefore, he’s very against it.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Ross about WWE’s utilization of Sting. Ross says that Sting should have won his debut WrestleMania match. He thinks people wanted to see Sting win in a WWE ring, and it’s unbelievable to him that Sting wasn’t booked to win at ‘Mania.

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