The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Torrie Wilson & Eric Bischoff – Corbin vs. Angle, Changes to Hall of Fame Inductions, Wrestling Moving to Streaming Services, More!

Ross welcomes Torri Wilson to the show.

Wilson admits that she was quite surprised when Mark Carano called her and told her she was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. She thought he was just inviting her to go watch the show at first.

Wilson isn’t heavily involved with wrestling at this point in her life. Right now she’s focused on propping people up and making them realize that they can accomplish so much in life, in spite of the challenges they may be facing. Sometime she feels like people settle into their lives and stick to their routines for too long. She’s focused on forging a new path and reinventing herself at this point in her life.

Wilson notes that a lot has changed in WWE’s Women’s division over the years. Back when she was wrestling there wasn’t a whole lot of people showing them the way so a lot of them started doing their own thing. She looks at the way the women are working today and it’s a whole new level. She jokes that the old lady in her wonders if Charlotte will be able to walk when she’s 40.