Former WWE superstar Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms has questioned the definition of ‘first ever’ in regards to a Twitter post about the Cruiserweight Championship.

Fans will be aware of the fact that TJP, formerly known as TJ Perkins, won the revived Cruiserweight Championship during the initial Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016. Perkins eventual run on the main roster wasn’t considered to be all too memorable or spectacular, but either way, he’s still considered to be the inaugural champion within this era of the belt’s existence.

Of course, we all know that the Cruiserweight belt existed long before the purple incarnation that we know today was introduced, and the aforementioned Helms took exception to a certain wrestling promotion ignoring that.

Helms held the belt three times during its initial run, with his last spell as champion lasting for 385 days. That made him the longest reigning champ in Cruiserweight history by more than 200 days.


TJP is now back out on the independent scene after being released by WWE, although he has shown interest in returning to the company at some point in the future. If that happens, one more match against Helms (who has hinted at returning to the ring) could be an intriguing prospect.

Either way, though, the morale of the story here is that we shouldn’t forget about the history of a belt such as this – especially given the quality of some of the past champions.

Helms is currently back with WWE as a producer, and for now, he seems to be enjoying his time outside of the ring.

Harry Kettle

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