Lacey Evans is the Lady Of WWE and although she hasn’t had a match on RAW or SmackDown, she is still set for a big spot on the roster as she is known to come out and wave just to let people know she is still around. Vince McMahon might have changed Evans’ WrestleMania plans, but that won’t stop her from mixing it up all she can.

Eventually, Evans will be competing on Raw and/or SmackDown Live. You never know how McMahon will use someone who he sees big things in.

Lacey Evans certainly checks a lot of boxes when it comes to what WWE is looking for. She has a great backstory and is a unique character. She recently spoke to The Star Journal and said that her Royal Rumble debut was unbelievable and her past as a US Marine helped her become “numb to stress” so the large crowds don’t phase her.

Then Evans took a little shot at someone she is competing against at house shows, Nikki Cross.


“She’s (Cross) is full of chaos and has no discipline. She’s insane. There’s no telling what she will do. We are such polar opposites. I’m the classiest superstar ever in the WWE.”

Pairing Lacey Evans with Nikki Cross is a very wise idea, especially if WWE plans on elevating Evans in the future.

Lacey Evans came into WWE with very little experience as a pro wrestler after five years as a US Marine and minimal time in the ring. Cross had years of experience under her belt as she performed under the name Nikki Storm all over Europe and the indie wrestling scene. She is also incredibly unpredictable as Nikki Cross which is something Lacey Evans might not be totally prepared for at times.

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