When you are a WWE NXT Superstar there is going to be a fair amount of people who want to be around you. For recent WWE NXT signee Stokely Hathaway, people can’t wait to see what he will do in WWE. Stoke apparently already has someone that he needs to keep away from him too.

Mia Yim is very happy to have Stokely Hathaway around the WWE Performance Center. She recently snapped a selfie of the two of them at a very inconvenient moment and Hathaway would rather it not become a common occurrence.

Stokely Hathaway might not have appreciated that little invasion of privacy. So now he’s hiring security to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hiring personal security to protect me from Mia Yim. Must be 6’4” and can name all the members of Dru Hill within 5 seconds. $7.89 an hour. $8.33 if you can keep her away from me while I eat.


There is a reason why so many people were excited when WWE announced that Stokely Hathaway signed a contract. He is quite entertaining. To be fair, Mia Yim and Hathaway are obviously friends so don’t get it twisted. Let’s just see who responds to his little ad for personal security.

Harry Kettle

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