Seth Rollins thought that he was just cutting a promo with Paul Heyman, but little did he know that a mercenary was hired to take him out. Shelton Benjamin attacked Rollins from behind which started a match between the two.

Paul Heyman noted on commentary that he only “paid” Shelty to take out Seth Rollins and a match was not part of the deal. It is a very good thing for Shelton Benjamin that he had a match on Monday, because it broke a huge dry spell on the show.

Shelton Benjamin’s match on Raw this week marked the first one-on-one match he had on WWE’s Raw program since 2009. However, that match did not turn out the way Shelton Benjamin would have liked because after taking a Stomp, Rollins emerged victoriously.

That loss for Shelton Benjamin marks his 12th straight defeat in singles competition on Raw as well. His last win on WWE’s flagship program took place against Super Crazy in 2006.


It was noted on commentary that Shelton Benjamin is a SmackDown Live Superstar so it’s not likely that he will be showing up again. However, you never know when WWE could bring him back for a symbolic reunion of the Minnesota Stretching Crew.

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