E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Bobby Fish – Tommaso Ciampa’s Injury, Teaming with O’Reilly, Forming Undisputed Era, More!

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He actually discovered the Dynamite Kid’s book and reading that really boosted his interest in becoming a professional wrestler. In the beginning he was thinking that it would at least keep him from having to work a 9-5 job, but after getting in the business he really got bit by the wrestling bug and developed a real love for it.

Fish worked for Pro Wrestling Noah for quite some time, and with that promotion he was able to travel to Japan to work. He notes that they worked a very stiff style there, and he had to go through an adjustment period when he left there and began working elsewhere. He worked with Kenta (Hideo Itami) there, and all the injuries Itami suffered in WWE could have been a result of the style they worked over there years prior.

Fish informs that his partnership with Kyle O’Reilly began in ROH. O’Reilly had already been in ROH for over a year when Fish debuted there, but after they began teaming things really took off for both of them. He notes that they have very similar styles in the ring and similar personalities out of the ring.

Fish thinks the reDRagon name really helped make them as performers. Their branding and promos were all done with a purpose, and once it started to work their confidence grew. They began travelling to Japan through the ROH/NJPW working relationship, and that was a nice step for them as well.

He was never really sure whether this tag team would bring them to WWE, because WWE was the land of the giants and they were smaller, work-first performers. In the back of their minds they both probably wanted to make it to WWE, but at the same time they were doing good work and having success in ROH and NJPW.

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