Why Brock Lesnar Is Still In USADA Testing Pool

Brock Lesnar is still the WWE Universal Champion and set to take on Seth Rollins at WrestleMania in his next scheduled match. Only time will tell what Lesnar could be doing next and he likes it that way.

Lesnar re-entered the USADA testing pool so his suspension can run out from a failed drug test following his UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt. He hasn’t fought in the UFC since, but Vince McMahon doesn’t know when he will fight again.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Lesnar’s WWE contract is one of the reasons why he is still in the USADA testing pool, Because if he pulled out of that drug testing program then it would mean that he doesn’t intend on going back to UFC. This is something that Lesnar doesn’t want McMahon to think before what could be another extremely profitable contract negotiation.

It should be noted that Brock Lesnar reportedly hasn’t forked over the cash for the fine associated with his failed drug test. This is crucial if he wants to fight again.

There is also the possibility that AEW could throw their hat in the ring during Brock Lesnar’s next round of contract talks. Chris Jericho wants a match against Lesnar and he made no secret about initiating this feud via social media.