Dinner With the King Recap – Jim Ross Leaves WWE, Lawler Requires Surgery, Who’s to Blame for A Bad Audience? More!

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Lawler addresses the criticism of a recent RAW audience in Louisiana. RAW was held in Lafayette recently and the audience has been widely criticized since the show for being silent. Some talent and even WWE have called out the audience that evening. Lawler doesn’t think a fan should ever be to blame. If they paid their hard-earned money to go watch a show, their job is done.

He says that everyone who goes to a wrestling show hopes to be entertained and wants to be a part of a good show. Unfortunately through the fault of no one in particular, sometimes it doesn’t work. Every time a booker books a show they book what they feel will be the most entertaining, exciting show possible. However, if that doesn’t translate then their judgement can be faulted.

Sometimes the wrestlers can be partially to blame, if they have a lacklustre match due to sickness, being tired or a variety of reasons. However, it’s rare for professional wrestlers, especially on the level of WWE, to have stinker matches like that.

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