Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler opens today’s show by discussing the future of his good friend, Jim Ross. Ross announced this week that he will not be signing a new deal with WWE and will be leaving the company after nearly 30 years. Lawler says he spoke to Ross before he made the announcement, and he’d say he was sad that Ross is leaving, but he knows that Ross is moving onto bigger and better things, and by that he means that Ross will be making more money than he’s made in his career.

Lawler doesn’t blatantly say where Ross will be heading next, but it has been widely rumoured that Ross will be signing a new deal with AEW worth more than $1 Million annually.

Lawler knows that Ross wants to work more because he believes he still has something to offer the business. Lawler thinks that point was brought up by Ross during his discussions with Vince McMahon.


Lawler points out that it’s unreal how much wrestling is happening right now. Women of Wrestling on AXSTV was recently renewed for a new season and a lot of people haven’t even heard of that promotion. Impact, ROH and all those brands are still in business and now of course AEW has burst onto the scene and has really changed the landscape for performers.

Lawler addresses the passing of King Kong Bundy. Lawler says it goes to show how quickly something can happen because just a few hours before the news broke of Bundy’s passing, he was tweeting out to his followers that he was looking forward to seeing everyone at an upcoming event.

Lawler says Bundy’s passing is very sad. He notes that Bundy worked for him a lot in Memphis before he made his was to WWE. He says Bundy was so impressive in person. He could cut a great promo and was quite agile for a man of his size. He could really do it all.

Lawler says he mightn’t be at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony this year. He notes that WWE might be “going in a different direction” this year, but he doesn’t want to be the one to let the cat out of the bag.

Lawler congratulates Bubba Ray Dudley on the great work he’s done with his radio show on Sirius radio. Moore asks Lawler if he’d ever work in radio. Lawler says he’d consider it if he needed extra money and needed another job, because radio would probably be the easiest thing for him to do. Right now though, he doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.

Lawler addresses the criticism of a recent RAW audience in Louisiana. RAW was held in Lafayette recently and the audience has been widely criticized since the show for being silent. Some talent and even WWE have called out the audience that evening. Lawler doesn’t think a fan should ever be to blame. If they paid their hard-earned money to go watch a show, their job is done.

He says that everyone who goes to a wrestling show hopes to be entertained and wants to be a part of a good show. Unfortunately through the fault of no one in particular, sometimes it doesn’t work. Every time a booker books a show they book what they feel will be the most entertaining, exciting show possible. However, if that doesn’t translate then their judgement can be faulted.

Sometimes the wrestlers can be partially to blame, if they have a lacklustre match due to sickness, being tired or a variety of reasons. However, it’s rare for professional wrestlers, especially on the level of WWE, to have stinker matches like that.

Moore notes that RAW had a good attendance number that night, and in that case Lawler says that the booker/promoter can’t be blamed because their job is to pack the building. If the building is packed and the audience isn’t responding, then some blame has to fall on the wrestlers.

Lawler informs that he went to the doctor and got shots in both his knees recently, and he says that wasn’t fun. He also needs to get stem cell therapy soon. He points out that he received some bad news as well; he needs knee replacement surgery on both knees.

He notes that he can still do what he wants to do, but it’s very painful. He’s not going to get the surgeries, and says he’s just going to tough it out. He confirms that he’ll continue to wrestle through the pain.

That sums up today’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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