X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Passing of King Kong Bundy, Rousey & Lynch Feud on Twitter, Arn Anderson’s Release, More!

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That type of behaviour isn’t accepted today and it shouldn’t be. However, X-Pac wonders if there was something else going on behind the scenes there. WWE continues to hire new producers and things can get quite crowded behind the curtain. Maybe this was WWE’s chance to clear up some room backstage.

X-Pac isn’t sure about Fox’s current state, but he notes that it’s none of our business anyways. We can hope that she gets some help, but it’s ultimately her decision and her business. As fans we should respect her privacy.

He notes that Fox is a sweetheart who was recruited by WWE, and she makes the best of every situation she’s in. He also knows that Anderson will be okay because he’s a brilliant man who’s very well respected by everyone, and he’s a pleasure to be around.

X-Pac congratulates Torrie Wilson on her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He notes that she was very popular with fans and with her peers backstage as well.

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