The Undertaker’s Current WWE WrestleMania Status

The Undertaker is an iconic figure in WWE and popular culture. He has been featured in plenty of previous WrestleMania events. It is hard to picture Mania going on without The Dead Man, and it looks like we won’t have to do it this year either.

Wrestle Votes reports that “it would not shock me 100% if he didn’t appear on the show.” Therefore, you can probably expect Taker to show up. The big question is whether The Undertaker will be actually wrestling in a match.

Getting a ton of Undertaker / WrestleMania questions. Here’s what I’ll say: it would shock me 100% if he didn’t appear on the show. He’ll be there. 

TBD as to whether he’s in an actual match or not. Discussions were ongoing this week. Taker news is always tight lipped backstage.

We will have to see what WWE and The Undertaker can work out. He previously stated that he wants to work a smarter schedule, but Vince McMahon is awfully persuasive when he wants something to happen.