WWE Announcer Cathy Kelley Takes Aim At Sexist Comment About Her Chest Size

Cathy Kelly is usually a very happy person online. She is a rather uplifting follow on Twitter. However, one person rubbed her the wrong way and it is easy to see why.

One “fan” tweeted out to the WWE announcer that “you’ll look even hotter if you have big boobs.” Cathy Kelley can do whatever she wants with her body because it is her choice. This time she decided to use her fingers to type out a great response for this particular troll.

“I’m not trying to be negative towards you, but you’d probably have a girlfriend if you weren’t such a dick”

We have to give the point to Cathy Kelly on this one. She handled herself well and nobody in WWE would bat an eye at her responding in such a way. It was a pretty great response and should serve as a reminder that when you send off mean tweets to WWE Superstars and on-screen personalities they could read it and you might not enjoy their response.