The Undertaker does not travel with the WWE roster anymore, but he has plenty of experience making towns for the company. The Dead Man showed up wherever WWE needed him for decades which is a trend that has changed in recent years as The Phenom’s body started to feel all of the surgeries he had to endure.

While speaking to pastor Ed Young, The Dead Man painted a picture of what it was like to be a WWE Superstar during his heyday. There was constant travel meaning most downtime was simply spent recuperating from the road. The backstage atmosphere has certainly changed in WWE since his full-time days as well.

“In the old days, you had to work. If you didn’t work, you didn’t get paid, you know. Obviously, our industry has grown and we’re taken care of so good now. It used to be back in the old days if someone had a roll of tape, that was the trainer. You’d be like, ‘Can I use some of that tape?’ He’d be like, ‘Don’t use much because that’s all I got. Now we have trainers and doctors that travel with us you know we’re on the same care level of how we’re treated as Major League Baseball and NFL, but that’s just been the progression of our indursty. Obvioulsy, that’s a huge pat on the back to Vince.”

The Undertaker’s schedule isn’t what it used to be. He said for eight years his schedule was full-time and consisted of constantly being on the go.


“It’s been an interesting ride. When I was on the road full-time, there was about an eight or nine-year stretch where I averaged — conservatively — 250 days a year out on the road. That’s basically you fly into a town, you get a Rent-A-Car, you go find a hotel, go to the gym, you eat, you go to the arena, you go back to the hotel, you wake up, you go to the airport and go somewhere else.”

The Undertaker does not have that schedule anymore. He is now taking it easier at 53-years-old because he can and we don’t blame him. You never know when he might decide to wrestle again, but it might not be good idea to wager too much money that he will work an actual match at WrestleMania this year.

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