WWE Has Big Plans For Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose is apparently leaving WWE after his contract is up. He rejected a huge offer from the company to stick around and WWE released an announcement saying that he will be leaving, but the door is open for him to come back.

With Roman Reigns’ return to WWE, he said that he will take care of Dean Ambrose wanting to leave the company. It appears that WWE Fastlane could be more than just the last stop before WrestleMania because it could also see a full-fledged return of The Shield as well.

We have been told that WWE currently has an angle planned this week on RAW that will move Dean Ambrose closer to a Shield reunion. He stayed in the ring after Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins saved him last week on RAW, but there is still time to get the band back together.

We will have to wait and see what WWE ends up doing from this point on. A lot of it could depend on if they can convince Dean Ambrose to stay. Because WWE historically doesn’t continue to push someone in a spotlight program unless they plan on remaining with the company.

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