Why Vince McMahon Pulled Kofi Kingston From WWE Fastlane Title Match

Kofi Kingston was set to sign on the dotted line for a WWE Title match at WWE Fastlane during SmackDown Live this week. Vince McMahon had other plans and pulled him from the match to replace him with Kevin Owens. This is almost exactly what he did to Becky Lynch only Vince didn’t use an injury or attitude as an excuse, he just thought KO would bring a better box office.

Dave Meltzer discussed this switch during Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained that WWE’s plans for Kofi Kingston are not done. In fact, this change could have set up something even bigger for Kofi.

“It appears that they flip-flopped Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston. Because it was very clear that they’re going to do Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston and if they’re not gonna do it at Fastlane and Kevin Owens is getting the shot at Fastlane then that probably means that Kofi Kingston is getting the shot at Mania.”

“So that’s changed again in the last week because Kevin Owens was the one getting the shot at Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania in the original plans. So maybe they didn’t wanna beat Kofi Kingston and because of the way the plans were if Daniel Bryan fought Kofi Kingston they would have to beat Kofi Kingston so maybe they wanna put Kofi Kingston over?”

It was also proposed that WWE could always turn the WWE Title match into a triple threat at WWE Fastlane with Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kingston.

Whatever the plan is, if you’re one of the fans that are incredibly upset to see Kofi Kingston get screwed over, it will be okay. Because WWE apparently has a plan in place.

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