Matt Hardy’s Woken Gimmick Could Be Over In WWE

WWE likes to own whatever they put on television. This is why they decided to go with Woken Matt Hardy even after Hardy fought to gain the rights to his Broken Universe from Anthem Sports. However, with The Hardy Boyz recent return, it looks like the Woken Gimmick is no more.

The Hardy Boyz actually knew that WWE was keeping them around for a while, but Matt Hardy continued to work fans and teased that he was leaving. During an interview following their SmackDown return, Matt Hardy also hinted that fans might have seen the last of his Woken Matt Hardy character, but The Hardy Boyz are looking to recapture tag team gol.

“I know the last time people saw me I was Woken Matt Hardy, well I’ve learned how to control the woken wonder inside of me, the woken brilliance inside of me and together everyone’s gonna learn that myself and my Brother Nero Jeff Hardy we are unstoppable, we are indestructible, we’re unkillable. The greatest tag team in all time and space.”

You never know what WWE could have in store for the Hardy Boyz. It certainly appears that they are gunning straight for the top and have a target on The Usos and their SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

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