AEW Signs Highly Sought After Indie Wrestling Star

All Elite Wrestling is drawing closer and closer to their next big event and then a television deal could be on the way too. It is said that their TV deal will be the biggest non-WWE television contract since WCW. Now there is another face that we will see on that projected TV show.

In the newest Road To Double Or Nothing video, it was revealed that Bea Priestly has signed with All Elite Wrestling, but she won’t start until July. Bea Priestly was sought after by a couple of big wrestling companies, but AEW was able to secure her services.

Priestly is also Will Ospreay’s girlfriend and the two have been together for quite some time. However, this doesn’t mean Ospreay is any closer to AEW because his current contracts might need to be addressed or altered if that is going to happen as he is signed with NJPW.

All Elite Wrestling is continuing to build their roster one step at a time, but they don’t even own a wrestling ring yet. When they do buy that ring it will be a very big deal because the AEW canvas is sure to break the Internet Wrestling Community.

Written by Felix Upton

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