WWE SmackDown Live Results – February 26th, 2019

R-Truth US Open Challenge

R-Truth was in the ring with Carmella after rapping their way their. The crowd was very happy to see R-Truth and then he started talking about wanting to be like his hero John Cena ever since he was a little kid. So he is doing a US Open Challenge.

Suddenly, Andrade came out with Zelina Vega coaching him along. Rey Mysterio came out too and he leveled Andrade to jump in the ring too.

Then a triple threat match started.

R-Truth vs Andrade vs Rey Mysterio (US Title Match)

They started fast and Andrade & Truth ended up outside of the ring. Rey Mysterio went for a baseball slide, but Andrade met him with a kick to the face.

Andrade was on the bad end of a tower of doom, but he kicked out. Truth and Mysterio collided in the middle of the ring with cross bodies. Then Andrade got up first and drove his knees into Mysterio, but Truth moved at the last second.

Truth hit a 5 Knucle Shuffle on Andrade, but he kicked out. Zelina got involved, but Carmella took her out. Andrade took Truth out, but then Rey Mysterio entered the fray. Andrade blocked a 6-1-9 and connected with a back elbow for a near fall.

Suddenly, Truth got in the ring as well and ended up in a double 6-1-9, but R-Truth rolled up Mysterio to win the match and retain his title.

Winner: R-Truth

After the match was over, Andrade jumped Rey, but then he rolled out of the ring when Mysterio started to fight back.

Charlotte Flair Segment

Charlotte Flair came out to rile the crowd up. They played a highlight package from last night of Becky Lynch’s arrest and Ronda Rousey laying down her title in protest.

Flair said she knows why McMahon gave her the match because “I know my lane and I stay in it unlike the criminal Becky Lynch of the quitter Ronda Rousey,” she does what is asked of her and she always delivers.

She called herself the gold standard and chastised Ronda for laying down the RAW Women’s Title. Then she said they fear her. The crowd was very hot for this segment as they were the entire night.

Flair said Lynch is afraid of being exposed as a fraud and Rousey is afraid of another beating of a lifetime because she fears nothing and a true champion fears no one. Then she showed a clip of Rousey from November where she spoke about being a true champion.

Then Flair said the difference is she will never quit because she will never lay down the title because cause she is the true champion.

Charlotte said she is showing up on Monday so Mr McMahon can crown the new RAW Women’s Champion, “someone who deserves it, your Queen Charlotte Flair. Woooo!”