Why The Rock Didn’t Appear On WWE RAW

The Rock was reportedly in the building for WWE RAW last night, but he did not appear on camera. The show was loaded from beginning to end and there were only two segments that The Great One could really appear on being Roman Reigns’ announcement and Ric Flair’s birthday celebration.

The Rock was in Atlanta because he is shooting Jumanji II in the city. Therefore, he was local and could be backstage at the event. We have been told that he was not planned to appear on-screen. In fact, others are reporting that he wasn’t in the building at all.

The Rock wasn’t promoted as being a part of the show and the RAW script was actually finished on time.

Therefore The Rock just wasn’t planned for the show. After all, any appearance of The Great One where he doesn’t get twenty minutes on the microphone might be considered a letdown for fans.