Cody Rhodes On AEW Scouting Stadium Locations – ‘It Doesn’t Mean Anything’

All Elite Wrestling had way more demand for the Double Or Nothing event than they saw coming. They didn’t think that over 12,000 fans in Las Vegas would be possible, but it happened. Now it looks like they are scouting bigger locations.

While speaking to the WINCLY, Rhodes revealed that they were discussing the possibility of looking at a bigger venue. In fact, they were recently scouting a couple of stadiums, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are jumping to that big of a venue any time soon. 

“To be frank, I have a couple site visits in the next few weeks that are stadiums. So, it doesn’t mean anything. There’s no promises, no contracts, no nothing like that. Just me and my business partners checking out a few spots.”

Perhaps AEW will be able to fill a stadium full of 30,000 wrestling fans someday. People thought they couldn’t draw 10,000 at the Sears Center, but they actually packed in over 11,000. Don’t get your hopes up about a WrestleMania-sized event for AEW though because they haven’t even revealed a television contract yet.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote